Gospel Singer & musician Bemeche' the Minister of Music at Mount Zion 2nd Baptist Church in Greenbay Virginia, and First Baptist Church in Victoria Virginia;  Says he began his gospel music career at the age of eight years old singing in the church choir, a local musician and retired school teacher: Mrs. Mary Foster- Smith. Known to many in the area at that time as (Mother May-Willy Foster) began to observe Bemeche`s talents and Gift in Music and begin to give him piano lessons  For over five years, and by the age of fourteen Bemeche` became a musician for Calvary Baptist Burkeville VA. While attending High School he enrolled in 4 years of Music Theory Classes and the School Chorus, which he received awards of honor upon graduation in 1980 from Prince Edward County High School, Farmville Va. 

He has received numerous awards in the field of Gospel Music over the years, while living in New York City and New Jersey. In 1996 he won the New Gospel Artist of the Year Award at the Gospel Music Show Case held by the Renown Pastor- Shirley Caesar of Raleigh NC. 

Little did he know some years later he would be doing his first Gospel Recording in Concert; with a Gospel Legend and mentor Evg. Dorothy Norwood, Bemeche` said many in the community and elsewhere in his travels to other states, asked if he had a CD or recording of his Music, because his music ministry not only Inspired but Ministered to their SOUL. Bemeche` said after years of request and fervent prayer, the answer from God came to him that it was time. 

Bemeche` reached out to his friend and mentor for many years Evg. Dorothy Norwood of Atlanta Ga. Whom agreed to record with him on his record label/BGMN Records! Then his friend Gospel Musician & singer Lee Walker, whom agreed quickly to become as a Production manager. 104.7 FM. Richmond Voice of Gospel Sheliah Bell and Gospel Choral Group: Zion’s Voices all of Richmond Va. All became excited and spiritually motivated and agreed to perform at his First Live Recording 

Bemeche` says: “The road has been long and sometimes very rough but WORTH IT! FOR NO CROSS NO CROWN; I have work very hard and prayed very long for many years and this is a God Sent Event, not just for me but for His Glory and Our VICTORY’’ 

“I’m Determined”